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Meet Teyoshe,
Founder of Grazing Crazy

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Hi, my name is Teyoshe Smith, and I want to personally thank you for "Going Grazing Crazy" with us! We started this business in my home on Mother's Day weekend of 2022, born from my passion of nurturing others and creating an experience for my family and friends. Immediately, it was clear that we had something special here. Ever since, Grazing Crazy has continued to grow and create memorable experiences for all of our amazing customers.


Grazing Crazy has taken what we know as charcuterie to the next level! Our business brings an experience through our food, engagement, and presentation. We offer the most breathtaking charcuterie boards and grazing tables that give a feel of home and are made with love. Our made-from-scratch cheese dips and cheese balls ensure that there is unlimited experience and that special touch of comfort food will surely have you Going Grazing Crazy. Not only do we have extraordinary charcuterie options but we also offer guided workshops, perfect as a team-building activity or an event for family and friends to come together and build a charcuterie board. We pride ourselves in our customers' experiences, and guarantee freshness, flavor, and bites to remember!

Meet the Team

Jaycie Vanderbeek,

Chief Operating Officer

Kayla Fucarino,

Digital Marketing Manager


Ashley Vickers,

Lead Charcutier

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